Since we are 1 WEEK from fall, here is your go-to preparation checklist that you should use. I don’t know about anyone else, but the changing of seasons is always exciting!

Roof. Make sure you check your roof for anything that looks fishy or if you may have lost a shingle or two from all the rain that we have received this year. If you see any dips or weak spots, get those fixed NOW before the fall and winter bring the colder air.

Gutters. There may not be any leaves or debris yet but you want to ensure that your gutters are clear and are properly secured to your house. As we progress through fall, you will want to constantly clear out your gutters of the leaves and debris so that water may properly pass through without stopping.

Exterior/Deck/Handrails. Again, fall and winter are going to bring heavier types of precipitation like ice, snow, and lots of leaves (when wet they weigh a ton). If you have the time make sure that everything has been tightened and sealed from the elements.

Garage. Check to ensure that all of your seal and weather strips are in place, secure and without damage. You could add insulation to the inside of the garage door to help cut the cold temperatures from gaining access to your living areas.

Windows and Doors. While you are sitting there with whatever sealant or goop you have chosen to seal your garage, run around to all of the various different entry points into and out of your house. When in doubt, seal, seal and then re-seal.

HVAC. Test your furnace to ensure that it will come on and function when it is needed. You do not want to wait until it gets cold to check to see if it will work.

Fireplace. If you have a traditional fireplace, you may want to have your chimney swept and checked for clear passage for smoke. If your fireplace is gas, make sure that you clean out the fireplace before trying to ignite all of the cat and dog hair and dust bunnies. If you haven’t or don’t know how to test your gas line, call a professional to come in and service your fireplace.

Smoke Detectors. Last but definitely not least, replace the batteries to all of your smoke detectors and ensure they are properly functioning. Remember, that is your house and your family. If in doubt, call a professional service provider.

I just want to ensure that everyone has a safe fall and winter, as well as, help to protect their families and investments. I hope to see all of you out and about at all of the exciting festivals and celebrations that Clarksville has to offer. I want you to protect your house through the fall and winter so that you can contact me to sell your well maintained and protected home when you are ready. Also, just know that the real estate markets never stop and are always fluctuating, so remember me when you are starting the process of buying or selling your home. You are not alone and I will help you make sense of everything you will be facing. Contact me anytime: or 931-551-1861.

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