For anyone to even debate that “location, location, location” is anything but a stressor for emphasis when thinking of real estate and real property is a bit strange. It is not some repeated set of words that real estate professionals use to sway their clients’ property decisions. Finding a home in a good-to-great neighborhood is vital to the sanity of future homeowners. Yes, there is some give and take when looking at houses in different areas of a city but stating that location does not matter is deplorable or shameful.

When searching for a home you have to be more than mindful with your eyes completely clear and open. Pay attention to anything and everything that leads up to being shown a property. You are looking for anything that could be considered difficult or uneasy. This is the same time that you should be doing your own research because your real estate professional is up to their neck in contracts, legal requirements, conducting competitive market analyses and contacting every party. This is a great time for you to check out the crime rate databases, sexual predator registries, and speak/connect with potential neighbors and business owners from the neighborhood.

As many people have used the ancient African proverb that states “it takes a village to raise a child” in the political arena, I believe a similar phrase should be used in discussing real estate; it takes a neighborhood to raise home values. If you think about it, it is completely true. Competitive Market Analyses are created from what has recently been listed, pending and sold for a specific area or neighborhood. So, this would mean that homes in “better” neighborhoods would be priced a little more competitively than homes in other neighborhoods. Hint: If you are looking at 3 identical homes (same age, same size, bedrooms, bathrooms, amenities, etc.) in 3 different neighborhoods. 2 of the homes are quite close in price and the last one, not so much. Wow, there is a $20,000 price difference between the one compared to the other two. If they are identical by everything but price, what could the difference be? Hmm?!

Location does matter when looking at your future home. Yes, there is a little flexibility in neighborhoods because the world is ever-evolving and changing but there are ways to discover more than most people ever care to know via the Inter-Webs. If you are curious as to what the future holds for a potential neighborhood, you can call and speak with the local planning commission for future housing projects that are scheduled to take place. Ask your real estate professional to find out for you or research it yourself. Either way, the information is there and is readily available. When in doubt, call me 931-551-1861 and I will help you get the answers you want and need for your sanity.

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